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The long anticipated wait for the opening of Ottawa’s LRT has once again been extended. With original plans to open early 2018, dates have now been moved to the end of November. This shift will increase OC Transpo’s operating expenses by $14 million.

So, what’s happening and when?

The first stage of completion that will open late this year, will run from Blair to Tunney’s Pasture. All rail has been installed along the Confederation Line, and they are running regular train-testing between the Blair and uOttawa stations. In the coming weeks, we can expect to see more of the easternmost stations coming to life. Wood ceilings are going up, as well as digital signage and entrance lanterns. Keep your eyes peeled for the installation of glass paneling at the Tunney’s Pasture Station.

While these may seem like small details, there is a lot that goes into the construction of this line.  The Rideau Station has an escalator that is 35.3m in length, which is the longest escalator associated with a transit system in Canada. This station’s platform sits at 26.5m underground, and there are a lot of tests that need to be passed before the Confederation Line is ready to go.

In the meantime, take a look at this map below. It gives a good idea of how things are planned to move along, and where stations will be.


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