Here are the steps to selling a house in Ottawa that we will take with you for a successful sale:

Step 1 - Before We Meet

The first steps to selling a house in Ottawa successfully is to provide you with a pre-listing package and comprehensive seller’s action booklet to fill out. This will allow us to prepare so we are able to provide you with in-depth information and answer your questions when we come to your home. We will ask you to tell us about your home, what you love most about it, how your ownership has improved it, and what features best showcase its unique charm.

Step 2 - Our Introductory Meeting

When we come to your home, we will continue with our analysis and concentrate on your needs, objectives, and desires in selling your home. We will also establish a strategy and timeline that best serves you.

Step 3 - Real Estate Market Analysis

Once we have compiled all the necessary information, one of the most important steps to selling a house is to develop a Comparative Market Analysis of your home’s worth. By comparing your property to recently sold homes in your area with similar features, we can determine the optimal listing price.

Step 4 - Preparing Your Home for Sale

We will provide you with information and advice regarding the preparation of your home in order to make an impactful first impression. By looking through the eyes of a potential buyer, we will give you tips to sell your home faster.

Step 5 - Beautiful Collaterals

Now that your home is looking its best, we will bring in our professionally-trained Photographer to take stunning images and video footage of your home which will be used for custom brochures, print advertising, web listings, and video tours.

Step 6 - Tailored Real Estate Marketing Strategies

We will specifically design an innovative and comprehensive marketing plan unique to you which will blend digital and traditional marketing, from social media advertising and website marketing to custom feature sheets, custom agent ecards, flyer campaigns, and more. We will ensure your home gets maximum exposure and reaches the right buyers for your property. Read more about our tailored real estate marketing strategies here.

Step 7 - Our Extensive Real Estate Network

Through our established industry network, we will reach out to real estate agents across Ottawa that are looking for properties in your area for their clients. We will follow up with every agent who comes for showings to get their honest impressions and provide you ongoing feedback and suggestions.

Step 8 - Diligent Real Estate Negotiation Tactics

Once we have found your home’s potential buyer(s), it is negotiation time. This is one of the most important steps to selling a house successfully and for the best price. We are well-prepared and will hold ourselves personally and professionally accountable to ensure your deal is arranged discretely and efficiently. Most importantly, we will make sure that every condition and stipulation is favourable or neutral to you.

Step 9 - Home Closing Time

When it is time to close, we will coordinate all the details and guide you through the house closing process for sellers. To ensure confidence, we will explain all the finer points so you will know exactly what you are signing and why and any costs involved

Step 10 - Follow-up

Our relationship does not end here; we are here to help you whenever you need us, whether you need to use our moving truck or to sponsor your favourite charity or child’s team. Be sure to join us at our yearly Client For Life catered party at my home where everyone who has bought, sold or referred through us that year gets an opportunity to enjoy the personal side of our caring team.

We don’t forget about our past clients! In appreciation, each year our past clients are entered into a contest to win a trip for two to a destination of their choice. *contest rules and conditions apply

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