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It can be a difficult balancing act to try and raise the value of your home. If you do too many upgrades or over improve, you risk not making your money back and on the flip side, if you don’t do enough upgrades or good quality upgrades, you risk potential buyers passing over your home for another property. The sweet spot for raising the value of your home is in keeping a well-maintained condition. When it looks bright and clean, it is more desirable to those who view it. In order to ensure you get the most value for your home, take a look at the helpful tips we’ve compiled below of small fixes with big payoffs to raise the value of your home.


Here are 5 Simple Ways to Raise The Value of Your Home:

Revamp and Reorganize

Clutter, grime and strong smells that accompany many homes should be the first to go as they could drive away potential buyers. To maximize showing potential, make the time to declutter rooms and closets, depersonalize living spaces and clean up any scuff marks on walls to create a more aesthetically pleasing view. This is such an easy solution to raise the value of your home.

Clean up the Kitchen

Kitchens have been proven to be one of the most important rooms and would likely be a large deciding factor for many potential buyers. Even though this may be the case, upgrades should still be completed in accordance with the homes price point to ensure any investment will be recouped when the house is sold. To keep your approach realistic, start with minor repairs that you have been putting off such as uneven cabinet doors, replacing cabinet hardware and/or a small update that would make the space more functional and/or appealing such as the backsplash.

Brighten Up the Bath

The bathroom is an easy room to overlook when trying to impress potential buyers, but a clean, organized and bright space will provide you a payback in dividends.  In this room, start with simple fixes such as cleaning the tile grout, replacing any discoloured caulking around the sink or tub and then move on to updating the light fixture if it is cost effective and would help to brighten up the room.

Polish with Paint

A fresh coat of paint is the quickest way to transform a room and raise the value of your home, however, it doesn’t always make financial sense to spend a fortune painting your entire house prior to putting it on the market. Instead, paint rooms that receive the most daily traffic in your home such as the hallway, the bathroom, and the kitchen. Also, keep in mind that neutral tones like grey or beige will help potential buyers focus on your home and not be distracted by the wall colour.

Overhaul the Outside

Putting your home on the market without sprucing up it’s exterior is like showing up to a job interview in your pajamas and a major case of bedhead – the first impression won’t be good. Keep up with basic maintenance such as mowing the lawn, applying a fresh mulch to the garden bed, freshening up exterior paint and removing any yard debris will keep the exterior of your home looking polished.

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