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When you purchase a home you will indefinitely be faced with challenges when it comes to home improvement. In many cases, homeowners go to the internet for a quick fix, but are DIY tricks really the best solution? While DIY home improvement practices may save you money upfront, in the long run, they have the potential to empty your wallet down the road. From incorrect fittings to improper chemical use, sometimes it is best to go with a trusted professional when it comes time to fix up your home. Below we’ve outlined a few of the most common home improvement tricks which should never be DIY’d.

Electrical Work – We thought this tip should go first and with good reason. When it comes to electrical work any job larger than switching out a few light fixtures should be left to a professional.  Electrical work comes with a slew of potential hazards such as accidental shock, overloading your power board or the additional cost of re-wiring a poorly executed job. When it comes to electrical work, it’s best to leave the advanced jobs to a professional.

Plumbing – Much like electrical work when a mistake is made with your plumbing it can be costly. Save your money by opting for a trained professional. Simple fixes such as plunging and replacing a faucet fixture can be done yourself but anytime a new pipe must be installed stick to the professionals. Attempting these tasks on your own could run the risk of leaks or even flooding which could cost thousands to repair.

Ductwork – As the old saying goes  – put duct tape on it! As the times have changed ,so have home improvement technologies. Gone are the days of slapping some duct tape onto your HVAC. Never rely on duct tape to seal your leaks for many reasons but mostly because hot air from ductwork can rapidly decay the duct tape allowing air to escape. This could lead to an even larger repair in your future and a skyrocketing energy bill. If you must DIY a duct problem even if just for a temporary fix stray away from the duct tape and use either the special shiny tape meant for ducts or mastic. Mastic is a caulking-type product that seals metal and duct work and won’t decay from the heat.

Wall Removal – Are you looking to embrace the open concept look? Best not take out that wall by yourself. While a wall removal seems like an easy afternoon job there are many factors which are involved. The most important is knowing which walls are support walls and bear weight from upper floors as well as disperse the load to the foundation. Beyond understanding where load-bearing walls are located, a professional will also be able to determine whether the wall you want removed houses any electrical or plumbing. If looking to make interior layout changes within a condo, permission may be needed from the condo association or property manager. Looking into this before making any changes could also save you the money of having to redo the changes that you’ve done.

Large Tree Removal – We all know how dangerous falling tree limbs can be. Falling limbs can be downright life-threatening if not removed in the correct manner, posing the risk of injuring your home, car and even you. Decrease your risk of injury by hiring a professional when taking on larger trees. Also important to note is that in some areas, a permit from the city may be required in order to have a tree removed. Before making any hasty decisions, make sure to do your due diligence so you don’t get slapped with a fine later on down the road!

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