We are confident they will provide you with the high level of service and excellence that you have come to expect from the Ray Otten Team.

If you do not see the type of company that you need, feel free to contact us and we will provide you with one of our accredited contacts.


Appraisal Services

Affiliated Property Group

Scott Thompson

Real Estate Appraiser

T: 613.728.3991

E: office@apgottawa.ca

W: www.apgottawa.com

Financial Services

Freedom 55 Financial

Roger Corley-Byrne

Financial Advisor

T: 613.748.3455 X 233

E: roger.corley-byrne@freedom55financial.com

W: www.freedom55financial.com

Home Service Professionals

Ardel Concrete Services

Stephen De La Roche

T: 613.761.8919

E: steve@ardelconcrete.com

W: www.ardelconcrete.com

Classic Roofing

Jeff Jessen

General Manager

T: 613.225.4371

E: info@classicroof.ca

W: www.classicroof.ca

Moving Forward Matters

Pierrette Raymond

Home Transition Specialist

T: 613.627.4438

E: info@movingforwardmatters.com

W: www.movingforwardmatters.com

Mr. Foundation Inc.

Todd R. Saunders

Foundation Specialist

T: 613.746.7300

E: operations@mrfoundation.com

W: www.mrfoundation.com

O’Reilly Brothers

Richard O’Reilly

T: 613.224.1677

E: info@oreillybrothers.com

W: www.oreillybrothers.com

Restore-All Corporation

Kirk Haw

T: 1-888-836-7454

E: info@restore-all.com

W: www.restore-all.com

Stan’s Heating & Air Conditioning

Lyle Sugrue

T: 613.237.4040

E: info@stanshvac.ca

W: www.stanshvac.ca

Inspection Services

Canadian Water Inspection Service

Moe Rayyes

T: 613.878.1975

E: info@waterinspection.ca

W: www.wellinspection.com

Doyle Home Inspection & Septic Assessment Services

Reg Doyle

Home Inspector

T: 613.266.8522

E: reg@ottawaseptic.ca

W: www.ottawaseptic.ca

Doyle Home Inspection & Septic Assessment Services

Reg Doyle

T: 613.266.8522

E: reg@ottawaseptic.ca

W: www.ottawaseptic.ca

Fire Box Inspection Services Inc.

Victor Button

T: 613.203.7495

E: fireboxinspection@gmail.com

W: www.fireboxinspection.com

Property Inspection Network Ltd.

Phil Botriell

Civil Engineering Technologist

T: 613.234.3000

E: mail@propertyinspection.ca

W: www.propertyinspection.ca

Mortgage Services

Ottawa Mortgage Man

Andrew Thake

Mortgage Specialist

T: 613.699.2006 X 12

E: andrew@andrewthake.com

W: www.mortgagespecialistsdirect.com

RBC Financial Group

Belinda Poole

Mobile Mortgage Specialist

T: 613.371.2555

E: belinda.poole@rbc.com

W: www.mortgage.rbc.com/belinda.poole

TD Canada Trust

John Maveety

Manager, Residential Mortgages

T: 613.371.1984

E: john.maveety@td.com

W: www.tdcanadatrust.com

Moving Services

AMJ Campbell Van Lines

Bruce Fitzsimmons


T: 613.737.0000 X 228

E: bfitzsimmons@amjcampbell.com

W: www.amjcampbell.com

Around the Clock Dependable Movers

Gent K


T: 613.600.7442

E: atcdmovers@gmail.com