Dexter, Team Mascot

Hi, I’m Dexter. I’m a mini golden doodle, my mom was a golden retriever and my dad was a miniature poodle. I have been part of the Otten family for 5 years now. You may have seen me snoozing under Ray’s desk, but I assure you, I saw you too! I know you really came to see me so make sure you say my name if you want me to come over. I’m super friendly and I love making new friends and a good scratch behind my ears, but that last part is not mandatory.

I come to the office at least once or twice a week and I know that I make productivity kind of suffer because I am just so darn adorable. But that’s my job. I put a smile on everyone’s face and bring the fun on what my boss calls “Dexter Days.” I believe it’s called dog therapy and it is quite true. When I miss a week of work, I know everyone asks where I am.

The other day, some clients came into the office to review the multiple offers on their home. My boss was surprised to hear them ask, “Where is Dexter?” instead of, “How much did they offer?” But I wasn’t.

So, as my official role is ambassador for the team, I am pleased to meet you and welcome you to my wonderful team. If you would like a proper introduction the next time you are in the office, be sure to call me out by my name. Even if I’m napping, I think it’s more important that we meet and get to know each other.